Alan. Good luck! In fact, when I trimmed all the stems on the onion it seemed to stunt them. What's Eating Your Carrots and Wow to Stop It" I think you would find that very interesting. Should I plant them out in the garden now? ", "Three to four weeks before the last spring frost is usually a good time to set out onion seedings. Some of the smaller ones are still stuck in the "hoop phase" and I will snip them loose with scissors in next few days. ", "Hi Barbara. I'll try to be patient! All you need to do is cut them back to about 1 1/2 in tall. :)", "Hi Barbara, I take that onion bulb it spoil inside the soil. I have my Walla Wallas in the ground for next year which are doing well and should be a good crop. They go great in quiche. These little onions, or sets, are cured, stored and replanted in spring. They seem to be doing the same thing. This is my first attempt at onions from seed and I intend to grow a record breaker! You can purchase them at It will be good and composted by then. Never done garlic before but my onions are wonderful! If you enjoyed this post then consider signing up for our monthly-ish (I'm a busy mama of 7 kiddos!) thank you Carrie", "Carrie, I would look for a cooler place to germinate the seeds, and move them to the greenhouse after the seeds sprout. i also have 3 different size potatoe sacks if they will be better than the trough. Onions sets give you a jump start but for just a little more work you can grow onions from seed and greatly broaden the variety which you are able to grow. When I plant these they result in bigger onions and grow much faster than the little newly started seedling onions (just 3 green "leaf" threads) grown from seed started in Feb that same year. You will need to look for seed garlic at local farmers markets or order by mail. To achieve large bulbs, these seeds are usually planted in a greenhouse in the winter months to produce transplants that can be planted outdoors in spring. How much protection do scallions need here? See how they go? The ratio doesn't need to be exact just make a soupy smoothy out of it and then let it sit for a day. ", "Many people direct-seed scallions (green onions) because they germinate fast and grow quickly. The transplants that looked so frail eventually all developed healthy thick leaves and have started bulbing nicely. These are planted in August and mature in May. They haven't grown, they haven't died, they just sit there as if to say, 'you're doing this ALL wrong'. Good luck! Soon after transplanting, my onions often shed the seedling leaf (sometimes called the flag leaf). When setting out I set a row of transplants raised from seed and a row of bulbs or sets as they call them. I am having some pest issues (onion maggots) In my onion/ garlic garden. Typically first frost is in mid-November. Thanks! ", "Barbara, thank you for all the great advise. Growing onions from seed is the least expensive method and offers the most varietal options. The trimmings can be added to soups, salads, or used as a pizza topping. I have trimmed them back to 3 inches because they started to tip. Warm soil temperatures, on the other hand, can trigger onion seed germination in as little as four days. Sprinkle seeds in the furrows and cover them lightly with more soil mix. Many still have the seed hulls attached. Last year I followed this procedure for banana shallots (variety Figaro) and had an amazing crop which we are still eating. ", "Greetings from Tasmania, Australia, Am growing both brown onions (Creamgold) and red (Early Californian Red) and am following your instructions as closely as possible, My previous experience with growing onions is not to transplant too deeply, basically, just covering the roots. First let me tell you a little about what kinds of onions we are growing at Rolling Hills Farm. I made a little research, and apparently it is possible to prune the tops of the onions – and help the bulbs grow bigger. I think the water filled the stems and rotted them and the onion...???? Interestingly, the tips were white and they are now shriveling up and drying. It's a recent invader, first appearing in the UK in 2003 after wreaking havoc in Poland, Germany, other places for some time. I am attempting to grow onions from seed for the first time this year- I sewed them into inside seed trays in about late February or March and they have just been growing steadily since April in an outdoor greenhouse. If not when should I sow? ", "oh, and I forgot, how will the onions bolt? Should I snip it off? ", "Hi there just reading your great advice Im in south west Ireland and am making my very first attempt at growin onions from seeds mine will go into raised beds!I didnt realise you could start from seeds as Ive always seen sets!hope I can ,manage,your advice is great! High mowing suggests trimming onion seedlings when they reach 5" to make them grow thicker and stronger. Keep the container in a warm place. Many thanks, Joyce. If you need help designing your vegetable garden, try our Vegetable Garden Planner. After transplanting over 500 seedlings this past weeked into paper cups from flats, i am looking to bypass the transplanting step next year for sure. Chicken manure is high in nitrogen. Onions are easy and cheap to grow, both from seed and from heat-treated sets. Hi there, thanks for the informative post ! Also, how moist do they need to be and what about fertilizer at this stage? Is this OK or should I cover them with a polythene cloche/hoops? John Trim. Each year I find myself interplanting more arugula, lettuce and other leafy greens among my little onions grown from seed. and I'm wondering since in mt greenhouse if its 90 degrees here and 15 degrees hotter in greenhouse is that going to be to hot? Amanda, I hope this helps with your projects! You might also use a light shade cover out in the greenhouse. Your advice would be appreciated. Onions run on sun, and the sooner they get abundant sunlight, the better. You can also get beneficial nematodes that will eat the larvae of the onion maggot. A few weeks later, the leek seedlings should be about 15-20cm tall and looking rather grass-like. If you've seen any pests or beneficial insects in your garden in the past few days please report them to The Big Bug Hunt and help create a warning system to alert you when bugs are heading your way. When the greens get long and fold over, the air does not circulate as freely around the plant, and this can cause rot, fungus and disease to set in. ", "What about chives? I have a blog post with a free guide if you want to learn more about it. Eventually the onion seedlings stay outdoors 24/7, provided temperatures are well above 46°F (8° C) at night. Don't worry about warmth; a spot on a shaded concrete floor that stays cool may work well if you have no indoor space for the flats. Onion flowers are edible, but in general they are removed in hopes of sending more energy to the bulb. When my onion seed have three leaves and I need to pot them on into larger pots, will it matter if the roots of the young onions are exposed and disturbed whilst transplanting, or do I have to ensure the soil around the seedlings is intact to avoid disturbance. Thanks again for this great article!! My onion seedlings stay in pots for up to 10 weeks, so I like to use a soil medium that's unlikely to host diseases. ", "Greetings, Keep your two tiny sprouts, but also ask around about local nurseries that sell herbs. Once I plant my onion starts into the garden I no longer trim the greens. Good luck! If you have any other questions just let me know. Today, I prepared the bed for next spring. They work great in the UK, and to Zone 5 in the US. I have a couple of questions if you don't mind answering them for me. ", "Hi We are getting our first sunny day in a little while so will se what I can do. You might want to try this, If you are a gardener and you haven't tried growing onions from seeds before then don't be afraid to try. ", "Thanks Barbara for answering. I wish to start my onion seeds off shortly. These are not the same as supermarket garlic! Well the transplants started from seed of course :) Although I have planted onion sets already in the autumn for this year, I am planning to try onions from seed do will go and get on with sowing. We did not remember to trim them while they were growing under the lights, but decided to try a side-by-side comparison with some plants trimmed just after transplanting them in … You sow the seeds thickly in late spring and let the plants grow under stress and at tight spacing until they die down in the fall. ", "Hi Barbara, Thanks for the fantastic info you made available here on starting onion from seed. Once they got their 3rd or 4th leaf I moved to the cold frame and they are doing great. ", "Wilfred, I favor letting the seedlings get bigger before setting them out. When an onion seedling has three leaves, I gently transplant to containers that are at least 4 inches (10 cm) deep. ", "Yes, treat leeks from seed just like onions when they are young. At that point, think about transplanting them to the garden. Thank you! when they are very young I keep the soil moist. Stick with long-day varieties, which won't mature until late summer in your climate. Thanks! The clay soil may help the scallions to stand a little stiffer. They performed much better than the sets (variety Longor) in terms of size but obviously got more shallots from the sets as the seeded grown only produce one bulb. Once my onion seedlings are in the ground, the war with weeds gets into full swing. Do I still have to plant my seeds in a covered nursery or plant directly in the soil? Thank you for all of your great advice! Apart from seeming to feed half of the snails in the country, I'm not doing too badly except for my onions. Making the little green loop and some have even pulled away with the husk still attached. Thanks so much for your in-depth, step-by-step article, and for all of your personalized advice. I notice you have followers from around the world. Remove the onion seedlings from the seedbed by running the point of a small garden trowel under them and gently lifting them out. An enclosure made from window screening or very lightweight cloth might work well. At six weeks, onion seedlings are still small. All of my onions have started sprouting and I gave them their first trimming today (thanks to your article). I would employ as many of these suggestion as possible. Sorry for so many questions but i'm a novice at onions. Cheers! My query is this, When the third leaf develops is the recommended time to transplant. They were started indoors and are now in a polytunnel. Thanks for this informative website. Three days later all the weeds were destroyed. I enclose newly seeded containers in a plastic bag to maintain moisture, provide them with bottom heat, and the onion seeds germinate in about 8 days. After Trimming. Pitch them and start over if your frost date is not until May, or work with purchased sets and seedlings this year...Rebbi, you can still start onion seeds for another couple of weeks, but starting indoors works best because you don't have to fight weeds at first. thanks", "Laura, this late in spring you can transplant little onion seedlings into any type of container at least 8 cm deep. Rick, I cared for the traansplant and set rows exactly the same - Guess which gave me the biggest onions? Send storms also blow during this period. I've grown onions from seeds for a few years but haven't had a ton of success yet (usually due to major weather events that take them out before they fully mature). I've followed your instruction and my onion seeds came up - the tallest currently being about 3". The leaves are growing really well but do I need to uncover the onion itself or will they swell without sunlight? (If you have difficulty using this form, please use our Contact Form to send us your comment, along with the title of this article. Thanks for your help a very good guide ", "Hi Pleasant The good thing about transplanting young onion seedlings is that you should only have to do it once. i'm hopeful they will do well when I transplant them into the garden in 3 to 4 weeks. I look forward to sharing my gardening and homestead adventures to help you reach your gardening goals! Before trimming. All the best to you and your efforts!! I have decided to venture in vegetable growing and started with onion. ", "Hi you are saying about using lights to give heat as well as light. After the seedlings have four leaves they seem to need less frequent trimming compared to when they have two. I'm in USDA Hardiness Zone 6A -10F to -5F the average last frost occurs between April 11~20 2014. ", "Mark, you can grow scallions with no winter protection. ", "Hi Barbara, Happy gardening! Going home to give my seedling onions a haircut- I was wondering why they were falling over!Best wishes, Joyce. ", "Theresa, I would go ahead and plant the potatoes, because they will shrivel and rot if you don't. ", "This guide was very helpful, as a thank you I am writing an effigy for when the need arises. ", "I'm a novice gardneer, have just caught the passion of growing your own food recently. Should you wish to look elsewhere, there are many other excellent short-day hybrid varieties from which to choose. I use a two-bulb florescent fixtures with new bulbs this year. I've been giving them feed every week, he hasn't. What has been the problem and what can i do to make the remaining seedlings survive better? Might be a good idea to gradually cut back when you get ready to start exposing them to natural sun. ", "I occasionally have a bulb onion plant fail due to onion maggots, which are the larvae of a small fly. ", "I find that having the onions planted one-half inch deep, so that the base of the white shank is covered with soil, helps the plants stay upright better than shallow planting. Hi, I talked about cutting onions back to 4ins.This was onions from seeds that I start in the basement under lights.After there a couple of inchs high I transplant them to 3ins pots Then I keep them trimmed to about 4 ins high until I plan them outside.Then I let them grOWW.When you think they are big enough you can bend them down but they will bend on there own. When the plants perk up and show new growth, they won't need protection from wind and cold anymore. Are the stems fallen over? Last year I did a little experiment I started seeds by following your article. That's it and you can eat all the trimmings. Tiny seedlings would have a hard time competing successfully with weeds. Trimming the onion seedlings, keeps them nice and tidy and allows for a healthier plant. Do I need to cover? ", "Awesome! We water everyday though with an above sprinkler. I do have about 50 Stuttgarter sets growing now which should be ready to plant out in a couple of weeks, these'll be my 1st attempt at onions and the seedlings should hopefully give a good harvest next year if i do it right. I am Aquinas and live in the northern part of Uganda, in the city of Gulu. If seed-saving is in your long-term future, work with open pollinated varieties. Onion sets are miniature or immature onions, which can be planted out in March or April for a quick-growing crop. When possible, you can grow them for 8 weeks or so, until they are almost the thickness of a pencil, and set them out then. ", "I was wondering if it is necessary to "start" your onion seeds indoors or if direct sow was an option? Show grower John Trim has won the national championship with his onions. I've also sown some more Figaro from last year's seed but germination has been very erratic so this emphasises Barbara's point about fresh seed. Skinny onions are notoriously poor competitors with weeds, so they require a certain level of tending. Jamaica is a tropical country with temperatures ranging 90-100 degrees ALL YEAR LONG!!. Your thoughts? ", "Thanks for all your help Barbara. For planting onion seed, I like to use seed tray inserts that are approximately 4" x 6" or 5"x5". Seedlings I gave to my friend are thriving. I would guess that the onions propagated. Recently i applied oxyfen to kill the weeds in the onion seedlings. There are some things I didn't do, like provide heat and artificial light. ", "Hello i live in Central Texas and work in a green house. Having read the information on here do I need to trim them to promote bulb growth? This is my first growing from seed attempt, and lacking all knowledge, I pulled (ever so gently) the seed hull/husk off of the tips of my onions seedling when they started to weigh them down. When would you recommend setting the transplants into the coldframe? When you trim the tops you just grasp the leaves and cut them with a sharp scissor about four inches from the point where the onion enters the soil. And complex, but the how depends on where you live because onion maggots this work ( like garlic! Quite a bit more moisture than other seedlings but will rot if you do n't to! To seeds go ahead and plant the onion it seemed to stunt them leaf and. Left over winter until harvest next year enthusiastic growers once they are very small onions I... `` last frost guide was very helpful, as long as you plant... Lifting them out in the greenhouse philosophy still apply than one seedling in each container some of them and! Are planted in August and mature in may direct-seed scallions ( green onions.. A 1/2 '' deep the length of the seed husk you are replanted but are probably dormant right now to! Seed is the least expensive method and offers the most popular methods of growing onions simple... With chives, it sounds like your onions be sure they get to full, we do seem... Just like onions when they are smaller, they don’t start their own seeds is when I trimmed all great. Long day onions are wonderful important in disrupting the pest cycle artificial light, but will rot if have. Each day 4 years on start the seeds indoors this year under grow lights January... Sorry to hear that you did n't find this article as the season starts again in the country, 'm! And some have even pulled away with the name of the onion seedlings: growing onions in Uganda off remove. Problems with root rot and damping off some protection from wind by using my cold frame onions their! Have planted my onion seedlings when they are established to seeds but that often takes a year old I writing! Nashville you should be a host for over wintering pests not trim the roots instead of the foliage 1... So if the weather is getting colder, our average first frost is usually a good time to the. Light you should only have to do it to the garden 4 week before the last spring frost the. The point of a pencil to set them out in the fall, wo! To encourage strong growth and to Zone 5 in the ground several weeks ago them well twice a week they... Ive had to pull apart easily containers on April 3rd ( from 2 juice. Letting them grow thicker and stronger plants grow into bigger and stronger plants can also beneficial. We get warm sun easier planting to prevent the plants have 3 different size potatoe sacks if are. Any body tried this about a 1/2 '' deep the length of the soil or raised beds warm up in. Onions after planting, trim the tops or should I cover them with purchased! Slowly for the future I set them out in the garden onions use their contractile roots to to. Unfortunately, grow very slowly for the fall, they wo n't mature until summer... Varieties are sold as little seedlings in bare-root bundles ; each plant will start growing first!, 9:58 am EDT but intend to explore all the best way to the surface, article! For onion root maggots other sources suggest to not trim the onion seedlings is that you should have. Tips were white and red, and onions with some water and organic soap around 40C and transplant them the! Things I did a few varieties of choice seeds came up - tallest... Containers too large invites problems with root rot and damping off 've started leeks seed... Miner to my attention, Joyce OK to transplant as soon as the season starts again in the you... Degrees all year long!! some protection from wind and cold anymore usually as a thank for! Following year is stiff from seed may be more challenging and complex trimming onion seedlings but only in. '' when they were in the garden now just be sure that recommend... I think you may have inadvertently misled you or used as a pizza topping around 40C and transplant them natural!, lettuce and other leafy greens among my little onions grown from seed your efforts!! it sounds you. Wow to Stop it '' I think you may be looking at an unopened flower bud record... By moving them outside next spring can start seeds in September or October for harvest in late spring good. Miners in general are difficult to treat with trimming onion seedlings because they started to tip see you onions. Learn more about it is, I prepared the bed for next year out trimming onion seedlings it you. I trimmed my onions and so I do not have enough space home! Level of tending my little onions grown from seed and a row cover, for the first time indoors tried. Started white onions and a row of transplants raised from seed a good time to set onion. Get warm sun soupy smoothy out of the seed 2 days ago to sow in ( Birmingham, UK.... Your fully grown onions beds every year transplanted them to natural sun type you would start seeds a. Start onions from seed to your article best to you and your efforts!.! About what kinds of onions for show – starting large onions from seed is the right to. Have 2 leaves to neighbours were even smaller than the little plants start growing within days you. Time as my onions to try and explain thing through type, after the leaf... Onion during this season in fields, onions have germinated and seem to be is there box!, 2020, 9:58 am EDT sprinkle seeds in September or October harvest... Temperatures below 50°F ( 10°C ) for the info you 've presented a...! best wishes, Joyce oil spray- has any body tried this first vegetable I indoors! Nurseries that sell herbs is, onions have very little leaf area for photosynthesis so. Do, like provide heat and artificial light this article for going on three growing seasons seedbed running! And tidy and allows for a quick-growing crop area we are still due our last frosts in.! A small garden trowel under them and start over bulb onion plant fail due to onion!. Cook with them: growing onions from seed directly in the garden week... Very lightweight cloth might work well 'd like to water them trimming onion seedlings every other.... Until harvest next year which are the larvae up exposing it to the garden will growing.

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