Some of the previous rewards included: three-day VIP passes to the Austin City Limits festival for two; a meeting with the founding team of Verb, the haircare brand; and a five-night trip to Hawaii (surfing lessons included). I founded Unity Marketing in 1992 as a research-led marketing consultancy, following a corporate career in research and information management. Sephora provides their members with both. They’ve found a way to engage their customers. Sephora's 2020 Birthday Beauty Insider gift. They can either redeem them in store or go online and redeem them through the “Rewards Bazaar”: A good loyalty program doesn’t stay stagnant. So at Sephora, VIB and Rouge members earn 1.25 and 1.5 points respectively for every dollar spent on … Then in 2017 it made the shift to lean into the emotional drivers of loyalty with the launch of its online Beauty Insider Community. I will take a look further and will send you a private message shortly! Are they engaging in our community? “They bring to life the emotional component of loyalty which is so important and really drives the majority of engagement with our clients.”, I am a market researcher, speaker and author focused on the affluent consumers’ behavior and mindset, including the HENRYs (high-earners-not-rich-yet) mass affluent. I study the world's most powerful consumers -- The American Affluent, EY & Citi On The Importance Of Resilience And Innovation, Impact 50: Investors Seeking Profit — And Pushing For Change, VF Corporation Uproots Hong Kong Base, Diverts Investment And Transformation Toward China, Marie Kondo And The Container Store Get Organized Together, Retail Contracts Worth $3.5 Billion At Norway’s Airports Up For Grabs, Brexit Bites For Small Businesses: Reality Hits As Retailers Grapple With New Rules, Thrasio Grabs Another $500 Million To Fuel Shopping Spree Of Amazon Sellers. By rewarding their customers with high-quality products and even exciting adventures, they create a thrilling shopping experience for their shoppers. In her free time, she enjoys yoga, rock climbing, blogging, traveling, and soaking up as much eCommerce knowledge as she can. With all that being said, no loyalty program is perfect. Every Sephora customer can sign up for free as for Sephora’s loyalty rewards program. Allegra Stanley, Sephora’s vice president and general manager of loyalty, had the answer. They’ve found a way to engage their customers. She raved that, “This trip was definitely worth the points and had I known how fabulous it would be, I would have been willing to spend more points,” she said. Here’s how it works: After I spend a certain amount of money (or accumulate a certain number of points), I’m eligible for a free high-end beauty product of my choosing. Whoa, that's all you get with an American membership? The reason for this is that discounting can cheapen brands. Black and Gold Members are eligible to redeem one birthday gift per year during their birthday month. Then make sure your website promotes that loyalty program loud and clear. The point amount per dollar will increase as your membership level increases. Make it fun for your users! If you want to grow in the beauty industry and get entry level experience first, Sephora is great. One of the best things about shopping at Sephora is its loyalty program. Card Members acknowledge that any disputes in relation to the above are to be directed solely to the service establishment providing such services, activities or benefits. “What I am most passionate about is our unique experiences,” Stanley concludes. 7 Steps to Extraordinary Retail Success.” I am a member of The Home Trust International’s Leaders in Luxury Design and Jim Blasingame: The Small Business Advocate’s Brain Trust. The physical Beauty Insider cards have been phased out, so not all clients will have them. 1 in beauty and health in its personalization index due to its three-tiered system of rewards that cater to customers’ special interests, plus its “generous free gifts at every turn.”. Here’s an overview of the benefits for each tier: You can see that even the lowest-tier members are not excluded from many of the program’s benefits. Sephora’s Beauty Insider loyalty program is a program by cosmetic brand, Sephora. Here in Europe, you get a 10% discount every 4 times you shop there, plus we get emails with exclusive discounts (20% or more) and offers where if you spend more than x online you get a bunch of samples, they do parties open only to Sephora Black and Gold members (not White) where you have discounts a d you can choose a bunch … Those members are also responsible for 80% of the company’s sales. Sephora capitalizes on all of that. Even on the checkout page, there isn’t much indication that the loyalty program exists: They provide the option for current users to sign in and redeem their rewards…but nowhere do they encourage new customers or non-members to sign up. Get tips and tricks to help you grow your online sales...delivered straight to your inbox. Sephora’s Beauty Insider program lets shoppers accumulate rewards based on how much they spend in-store and online during each calendar year. Even the most basic, free members are rewarded with high-quality products once they accumulate enough points. This basic membership status gives you the ‘Insider’ scoop to the latest seasonal promotions, product rewards and entitles you to a birthday gift during your birthday month. At the time, Stanley relates, it was innovative and unique because it gave clients access to luxury beauty products and brands they normally wouldn’t have or been aware of. VIB Rouge members are given the chance to earn rewards like exclusive products and events, access to the Sephora Beauty Studio, and early access to products and sales. Mary is the Content Marketing Specialist for eScale. We measure our success by the level of engagement across all the benefits that we serve up and showcase for our clients,” she says. And members of all three tiers are spoiled with gifts during their birthday months: But those who spend more are rewarded more. So it’s not about what their loyalty demonstrates to us, but what we can deliver to our clients that creates the most meaningful and connected experience with our brands,” she continues. And once members accumulate 10,000 points, they are eligible for experience-based rewards. “We want to bring to life personalized experiences where our clients can choose what best suits them,” Stanley shares, stressing that the 2020 additions to the program are designed to elevate the emotional drivers of loyalty. When customers walk into the store, they are greeted with different tools and technologies that help to improve their in-person experience. In 2013 a third tier (called Rouge) was added for the highest of the high spenders at $1,000 or more per year. Encourage member engagement by creating a membership community. That’s what I’m going to reveal in this blog post. I also never get any samples with my purchase in the store. Throughout its first nine years, Beauty Insider was more heavily weighted to transactional loyalty shored up with emotional rewards, like the honor of becoming a VIB or Rouge member or engaging in special events. THEY HAVE THEIR OWN LINGO. Are they taking advantage of the experiences? Don’t trick them with gimmicks or super fine print. One Beauty Insider member even admitted that, “I love collecting points, so Sephora’s point system does make me shop there more.”. American Express ® International Inc. and the service establishments reserve the right to change the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. Sephora employees use a variety of terms to refer to themselves, … It’s a real-time, real-talk social forum that has become a great resource for them and for us, because we reach out to them quite often about what they think and what they love,” Stanley explains. Through 2018 and 2019 the Rewards Bazaar was expanded across more products and categories and a Sephora credit card was added as well. That’s because having choices makes us feel powerful and in control. And how could you not want to stay on board with a loyalty program like that? “Are they redeeming rewards in the Rewards Bazaar? Even if you know you’re going to order your favorite dish, it would probably be nice to have the option to choose from a variety of dishes, right? Starting with my first book, “Why People Buy Things They Don’t Need,” I’ve written eight others, including “Putting the Luxe Back in Luxury,” and my latest "Meet the HENRYs: The Millennials that Matter Most for Luxury Brands" and “Shops that POP! I became a VIB a few months ago and only have ever received on 10% off coupon about a month ago. Or at least…from your website. It would be much more fair if the dollars expired 12 months from the date of the initial purchase. Here are two things that could be improved upon: As mentioned above, in order to become a VIB member, customers have to spend $350 in one calendar year. Now more than ever customers, especially the younger generations, decide to engage with brands based on emotional loyalty drivers,” she believes. Not only does brand engagement encourage people to spend more, but it also helps to increase customer loyalty. Sephora takes an omnichannel approach to their marketing, which is “…a multi-channel sales approach that provides the customer with an integrated customer experience.”. Afford them flexibility. Shout it from the rooftops! But in order to snag these deals, they have to check the website at certain times (Tuesday and Thursday) and scoop them up while they last. First, get to know your audience. Look at most any list of the top retail brand loyalty programs and Sephora’s Beauty Insider typically is on it. And if I shop there during my birthday month, I also get a free gift! Make it painless and easy for your members to participate and redeem their rewards. So when I heard that Sephora, one of LVMH’s Specialty Retail houses, is taking its Beauty Insider to an even higher level this year, I wanted to learn how Sephora could make its already great program even greater. The updated program is meant to benefit consumers who are already in the program and “show appreciation for its most loyal clients” by offering more options and perks, says Allegra Stanley, vice president of loyalty for Sephora. While the enhanced program will offer additional savings, special multiplier events where members can earn extra points for purchases, more sampling choices and special access to exclusive and cutting-edge products, the transactional drivers remain only 27% of the holistic measure of customer satisfaction. Members in the highest tier have exclusive access to beauty classes, makeovers and a private hotline with a beauty advisor. Dr Martens Puts Best Boot Forward With Year’s First Big IPO, Kohl’s Outlook Is Strong And Shows Real Merchant Savvy, Pet Partners: Wild One, The Design- And that’s exactly what Sephora’s Beauty Insider program does. Currently, Beauty Insider boosts 25 million members, and though Stanley doesn’t reveal the membership at different levels, she did share that a significant amount of sales and growth comes from its top tier $1,000+ Rouge members. Sephora makes it super easy for their members to redeem their rewards. In addition to, I contribute to “The Robin Report,” and appeared on CNBC’s “Costco Craze.” I hold a Master of Library Science degree from the University of Maryland and B.A. So how exactly does this program succeed in building a base of repeat, loyal customers? Gamify things. There are a number of places that I can go to shop for makeup, but whenever possible, I go to the beauty store, Sephora. While the program is free to join, it also has graduated membership tiers with enhanced earnings and better rewards for those who spend more: Sephora may have a stronger brick-and-mortar presence than online, but they found a way to fortify their online presence with the creation of an online Beauty Insider community: There are different groups that cater to users’ beauty interests, like Everything Eyes and Lip Lovers: And in the forum, users can pose and respond to questions: There’s even a live chat where users can chat with one another. One dollar spent equals one point, and the more points you accumulate, the better the samples are. But first, let’s take a closer look at how exactly the program works. You may opt-out by. “We believe these emotional rewards are the new currency of loyalty,” Stanley says and adds that its program will always have a transactional component as well. And with the name “Beauty Insider,” Sephora makes their shoppers feel like they are a part of something exclusive…when they join the loyalty program. Through the online membership community, Sephora has found a way to bring their customers to the website even when they aren’t shopping. Mostly because I’m hooked on their loyalty program. Alternatively, I can choose to keep accumulating my points and snag an even better freebie down the road. Sephora’s omnichannel approach is also effective in building customer loyalty. The loyalty program is free to join and includes a mobile app for users. Sephora may, in its sole discretion, alter, limit, or modify the Sephora Black program rules, regulations, benefits, eligibility for membership, or any other feature of the Sephora Black program or may terminate the Sephora Black program at any time in its sole discretion, by giving reasonable notice on the website and/or by email. So what makes the Beauty Insider program so outrageously successful? But more importantly for Stanley and her team is to see engagement and participation growing in all that the program offers. Cosmetics retailer Sephora’s Beauty Insider loyalty program launched 12 years ago. The loyal customers, who spend $1,000 in a calendar year, are upgraded to VIB Rouge and get a private beauty advisor hotline, free 2-day shipping, along with invites to exclusive events. Choose rewards that are aligned with your brand and don’t diminish your brand image in any way. Members are given the opportunity to engage with their favourite brands in a way that’s only available at Sephora. ... "In the interim, members can enjoy plenty of other benefits, like Beauty Insider Cash, free shipping, and more. Reward them for spending more, and make your members (especially your higher spenders) feel like they are a part of something exclusive. Best, Laurie I can’t get over how great they made it.”. Finally, they afford their customers flexibility and options, which makes them feel valued and in control of the shopping experience. On Trade, China Won And Trump Lost. Whether you do it alone or join forces with an experienced eCommerce web design agency, use a platform like Swell to create the best loyalty program out there. Even the names of the tiers (Insider, VIB and Rouge) are catchy and on-brand. And in order to become a Rouge member, they have to spend $1,000 in one year. From high-quality products to high-end experiences, Sephora lets their members choose from a variety of rewards, rather than just one or two. Once you’ve done that, start creating a loyalty program that your shoppers would be excited to be a part of. “The right balance of transactional and emotional is required,” she continues, but Sephora’s Beauty Insider program is more heavily weighted to the emotional side. For example, Sephora lets their customers try on makeup virtually with AR and match their skin tone to a foundation using AI. Emotional drivers will continue to grow in importance, like one of Beauty Insiders’ “most loved perks,” its annual birthday gift, which this year will include options from Briogeo, MILK makeup and Sol De Janeiro brands. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. And the benefits of this are multifold: Research has shown that improved engagement leads to a 22% increase in cross-sell, a 13% to 51% increase in upsell revenue, and a 5% to 85% increase in order sizes. If you're a member you'll need to know all the 2019 Sephora Beauty Insider reward, perk and point updates. But for Sephora, the Beauty Insider program is designed to leverage emotional drivers of loyalty. The benefits of becoming a Sephora BeautyInsider is that by accumulating points through shopping, you will be given the pick of trial size cosmetics samples. Sephora is known for selling high-quality, expensive products. They provide daily training and you can meet and network with so many people and brands outside of Sephora and come in to boost their brands sales. If you’re not sure, then ask them! © 2021 Forbes Media LLC. An exclusive Rewards Bazaar was added in 2016 as an exchange platform where members could redeem points for a wide range of curated products and sets. The more members spend, the more they are rewarded. So it should be advertised! You can return a product after you've used it. And in turn, they get loyal customers and a high customer lifetime value (CLV). So what can you learn from Sephora’s Beauty Insider program? Shop online now to redeem rewards and free samples. Nothing more frustrating than spending time and money accumulating points…and then having to jump through a bunch of hoops to spend those points. Free gifts are also available on select purchases. Those emotional drivers including happiness, trust, surprise and delight, anticipation and especially in the luxury realm, pride. It’s always evolving with industry trends and customer expectations. The brand therefore helps to meet the demands of all of their members, while allowing them to feel more in control of the shopping experience. Even Sephora’s (although it does come pretty close). Sephora offers its members more promotions, while Ulta offers more birthday perks, but ultimately both programs reward shoppers very similarly. It’s continually changing and finding new ways to surprise and delight its members. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Widely successful, the program was extended in 2009 to include a higher tier, called VIB (Very Important Beauty Insider), for the most highly engaged members who spent more than $350 per year. “We are driven by what our customers love and want more of. It’s actually quite shocking to realize that I have spent THAT much money on cosmetics. “We are listening to our clients and hearing what is most meaningful to them.” And today that is experiences which deliver greater emotional and memorable rewards. VIB stands for Very Important Beauty Insider and the name Rouge is surely homage to the company’s French ancestry (Sephora was founded in France). Initially launched in 2007, the free Beauty Insider program was designed to reward members for purchases with select product samples. Such experiences include a Brow House Call with Jared Bailey, LVMH’s Benefit brand spokesperson and resident brow expert; a Francis Ford Coppola Winery tour and wine tasting for two that also comes with a special collection of Sephora items; and a signed copy of The Rihanna Book, along with a collection of Rihanna’s favorite Fenty beauty products (Fenty Beauty has been an LVMH brand since 2017). Through their online membership community, they create a sense of belonging. Looking across the retail loyalty landscape, Stanley sees most programs focused on transactional loyalty, doing whatever it takes to make the next sale which usually hinges on a discount. Business Insider calls it out for offering members access to beauty classes, special promotions, exclusive sets and extending extra perks through credit cards. Free shipping above $65! But unfortunately, those dollars expire at the end of each calendar year. Engage with your shoppers on multiple platforms, using a personalized, consistent and integrative approach. As with any luxury brand, people who shop there want to feel like they are a part of something exclusive. Understanding that Sephora’s clients are on a continuing beauty journey, the Beauty Insider loyalty program is joining them on their journey by staying current and guiding them to the future by identifying future trends. And SailThru ranks Sephora No. Unfortunately, the user has to go hunting on the website to even find the loyalty program–or have pretty good eyesight: It would be more effective if they had a separate tab for the Loyalty program at the top of the homepage or an attention-grabbing section and call-to-action that highlighted the program and encouraged users to enroll. “The way we think about loyalty is that our clients are the core of everything we do,” Stanley shared with me. VIB offered extra rewards for their higher level of engagement. “As we learned more about our clients, we saw the opportunity for beauty lovers to come together, ask questions, post inspirational beauty looks and get product recommendations, not just from us but for them to share with each other. I never get emails about upcoming events, special products, or promotions. Instead, clients can simply provide their email address, phone number, or their digital Beauty Insider card on the Sephora App to receive their points with store purchases. Let’s find out. The goal of the new benefits to the program are, of course, to add new members, as well as to encourage them to move up in the program. But There Are Risks. If you succeed in doing all of that, then you’re bound to have loyal customers for life…maybe even more loyal than Sephora’s customers. "We believe emotional rewards are the new currency of loyalty," says Allegra Stanley, Sephora's VP ... [+] of loyalty. Find out what makes them tick. There are two ways to make a return: you can either … All of this…and I’m just a basic member (meaning my membership is free). Sephora Loves Perks Program for All Cast Members – Discounts on over +850 brands, including: Entertainment, Cell Phones, Gym Memberships, Shopping, Pet Insurance, Restaurants, Travel, etc. Sephora customers who spend $350 in a calendar year are upgraded to the VIB program and receive extra benefits such as custom makeovers and free monthly gifts. You can use those rewards towards future purchases. in English Literature from Pennsylvania State University. Formulated with 97% ingredients from natural origin, the Sephora Collection Ultra Glow Serum contains a hydrating cocktail of brightening vitamin C + E and natural … Through the online membership community, Sephora has found a way to bring their customers to the website even when they aren’t shopping. Commuter Benefits; Summer Fridays (June through September, Fridays are half days) If you want your members to actually use your loyalty program, you’ve got to provide them with products or experiences that they will truly value.

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