Notice the… pins.Pin Lock Style Posts require a special notched socket to tighten and loosen the posts. Download Image. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. They are cheaper and the connectors are superior. View full details # 4 on diagram. For the larger 7/8″ posts I’ve seen both 6 point and 12 point styles. I use ball locks however ball locks were easier to come by when I started kegging and what all my brew friends used. Seems like there are more spare parts available for the ball lock kind. These are guidelines. Great review, thanks so much. Pin Lock: I’m aware of one standard size 13/16″. Pin lock kegs have (not surprisingly) pins on each post – two on the liquid, one on the gas. The other port has a long tube leading all the way to the bottom of the keg. Ball Lock on left, Pin Lock on right. If you’re talking about this photo, then the caption is correct the pin lock is on the left and the ball lock is on the right. It’s easy to notice a leak with a liquid line. They need ball lock specific liquid and gas disconnects, and O-rings should be replaced periodically to prevent leaks. Rebuilding & Reconditioning Homebrew Kegs! Internal QD Replacement O-Rings – Food Safe Silicone, Why Won’t My Homebrew Carbonate? more money) are there any disadvantages/advantages of ball locks over pin locks? The kit contains a stainless steel liquid and gas post fitting, a stainless steel universal poppet and spring and post o’rings. If price is your biggest concern, you should probably go with Pin Locks. Ball lock disconnects lock on by lifting the collar up, pushing it on the post and then releasing the collar. Maybe the shorter height is better for your setup. Ball Lock on Left, Pin Lock on Right.Left [Brand New 5 Gallon Ball Lock from AIH – Review] | Right [Used 5 Gallon Pin Lock] – Pin Locks are also shorter than Ball Lock Kegs. Note that you can also pretty easily use both Pin Lock and Ball Lock kegs. Ball Lock Post Set - Firestone Keg. View full details Add to cart Body Connect For Ball Lock Corny Keg Gas In (New) Brewmaster $13.99. Picture detail for Pin Lock Vs Ball Lock : Title: Pin Lock Vs Ball Lock Date: June 21, 2018 Size: 58kB Resolution: 1000px x 1000px More Galleries of Compare Vs Fastway Trailer Hands on Review: Kegland DuoTight Fittings & EVABarrier Tubing! Lid, 2 dip tube o-rings and 2 post o-rings. Ball Lock style lids are, in my opinion, superior because the manual PRV allows you to easily vent your keg as needed. Height: ball lock kegs are 25″ tall and pin lock kegs are 22″ — a little shorter and fatter version of the keg. Having said that, I prefer barb connections for gas lines. The CornyKeg pin to ball lock conversion kit allows you to convert any Firestone, Spartansburg or Hoover pin lock keg into a ball lock keg. Ramesh – conversion and replacement posts are readily available if you run into a deal on either style. Pin locks are the alternative to the more-common ball lock kegs, and they have some unique features and benefits of their own. Kegs! Manual PRV – Ball Locks generally feature manual PRV valves which make it easier to vent kegs. The pin lock and ball lock both refer to the way the quick disconnects attach to the Cornelius keg. For years we’ve been hearing that supplies of used Ball Lock Kegs would be drying up. Pin Lock Kegs: Another type of corny keg. One is the pin lock style and the other is a ball lock style. Ideal for any homebrewer that has their home draft setups already assembled with ball lock fittings. As previously mentioned this requires a special notched socket. Dimensions? The Cornelius kegs were filled with syrup and pressurized by CO2 which would force the syrup up to the drink dispenser and allow it to be mixed with carbonated water giving you your Coke or Pepsi. Having a manual PRV valve is an advantage in my book and on this count Ball Lock Style kegs win. Pin lock disconnects use a pin to secure to the posts. With used ball lock kegs becoming scarcer ( i.e. If a little beer is leaking, you can tighten up the flare nut. The pin lock and ball lock both refer to the way the quick disconnects attach to the Cornelius keg. Both of these kegs have a ~5 gallon capacity. Pin Lock vs Ball Lock Dimensions. 5 gallons of beer = 640 ounces. MFL connections are nice because you can easily remove tubing. These keg post will make your pin lock keg into a ball lock keg in moments. I think new keg price and quality have helped stave off the disappearance of used kegs. If you are after spare parts for your second hand keg. If I were just making my initial purchase now.......I would go the route of pin lock kegs. Cornelius kegs come in two different styles. The process for Rebuilding Ball Lock and Pin Lock Kegs is nearly identical with one small o-ring related modification for Pin Lock Kegs. Actual size varies based on manufacturer and model. Our used Pin Lock kegs are amazing for people with height restrictions or looking to get a Kegerator on a budget with a 2" difference you will be able to … Cornelius kegs, commonly called “corny kegs”, were originally used in the soft drink industry for the soda fountains. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; amzn_assoc_enable_interest_ads = "true"; amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "related0d8-20"; amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "auto"; amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; amzn_assoc_region = "US"; amzn_assoc_linkid = "e28b40a2f79231032cf22e1d82eb34f0"; amzn_assoc_emphasize_categories = "1000,1055398,16310091"; amzn_assoc_fallback_mode = {"type":"search","value":"homebrewing"}; amzn_assoc_default_category = "All"; [CDATA[ Home Brew Keg Roundup – New & Used, 5 and 2.5 Gallon & More! Pin lock Cornelius kegs have small pins around the perimeter of the post. Post o-rings are a different story. 5 gallons of beer = 640 ounces. Both work the same, just a different post fitting on the kegs. Used Cornelius Pin Lock Keg With Dual Rubber Handle (No Pressure Relief) - 5 Gallon (4 Pack) Sale Price: $99.99 Stainless Steel kegs are also more durable than Aluminum kegs and they can withstand higher force without incurring a lot of damage on the surface, so they tend to last longer than Aluminum kegs. Homebrew Finds is a participant in the Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to A good upgrade for Pin Lock kegs is to replace Pin Lock style lids with Ball Lock Style Lids. Apr 19, 2018. 11/16″ and 7/8″. Ball Lock and Pin Lock Quick Disconnects/QDs. Note: There is another less common size of lid/keg called racetrack style. No pull ring. I recommend a 12 point socket or wrench for larger 7/8″ posts. – Jump To: Pin Lock Section. Serve Homebrew & Sanke Kegs on Any Kegerator, Checking for Draft System CO2 Leaks – Using The Pressure Gauge Method, Tip: Consider Oetiker Stepless Clamps for Kegerator Gas and Beer Lines, Hands On Review: Inkbird ITC-308 Dual Stage Temperature Controller +WiFi Version, Convert Your Mark II Keg & Carboy Washer to a Recirculating Draft Line Clea…, Step by Step: Finding and Fixing Keg CO2 Leaks, Kegerator Beer Line Temperatures & Reducing Foam with a Recirculating Fan, Kegging CO2 Use Estimations and Calculations, Step by Step: Balancing Your Kegerator Draft System, Build a Recirculating Draft Line Cleaning Pump, Damp Kegerator? One port has a short tube leading down into the liquid, and this is the "gas-in" port. Nice commentary! Also called Cornelius Kegs, Corny Kegs and Corney Kegs, they were originally intended to store and distribute soda pre-mix. Whether you’re looking for barb or flare fittings, we have you covered. Convert Ball Lock and Pin Lock Kegs to Push to Connect Push to Connect style fittings are used in plumbing, to install water filter systems. Notches on the lower part of the post are an indication that this is an IN/Gas Post. This is especially true for post o-rings. The containers we call Ball Lock and Pin Lock Kegs come from the soda industry. All of your ball lock, pin lock, sanke and cornelius keg fitting needs. Ball lock Cornelius kegs use a ball lock disconnect to connect and disconnect to the liquid and gas lines. New Cornelius Keg Lid with New pressure relief valve, CRAFTSMAN Deep Socket, SAE, 3/8-Inch Drive, 11/16-Inch, 6-Point (CMMT43336), CRAFTSMAN Deep Socket, SAE, 1/2-Inch Drive, 11/16-Inch, 12-Point (CMMT47524), CRAFTSMAN Deep Socket, SAE, 1/2-Inch Drive, 7/8-Inch, 12-Point (CMMT47528), Hands on Review: Craftsman Deep Well Sockets for Ball Lock Keg Posts, Hands on Review: “Ball Lock Keg Wrench” – 11/16″+7/8″ Ratcheting Wrench – via Apollo Tools Wrench Set. Ball Lock on top, Pin Lock on bottomThis Ball Lock Keg is just over 8″ in diameter. This keg has been cleaned and soaked in a hot "Brew Clean" solution, re-rinsed, lubed and re-pressurized to check the seals. It is approximately 5/8″ shorter than standard Pin Lock QDs. My keezer fits 8 kegs, but I only have 6 faucets. Compare Vs Fastway Trailer Compare Ball Mount Adjustable Vs Reese Sway-Control Compare Gooseneck Coupler Vs Bulldog Gooseneck Goku Migatte No Gokui Vs Jiren. Cornelius R (pin lock): A 12 point socket will work on a 6 point post, but not vice versa. Cornelius Kegs – pin lock or ball lock? These o-rings break, become malformed and can easily… get lost. I started off with pin lock kegs, then had both for a while, which sucked, choose one or the other. I know the difference between ball-lock and pin-lock kegs. Corny Keg Disonnects, Cornelius Keg Disconnects, Ball Lock Disconnects, Pin Lock Disconnects That just hasn’t happened yet. Contact manufacturer with questions about suitability or a specific application. You may have a different thread type to our 19L New Ball Lock Kegs which are 19/32" Liquid and Gas. OUT/Liquid Posts do not have these notches.Ball Lock Style Posts are generally either 11/16″ or 7/8″ and can be tightened and loosened with a regular wrench.Pin Lock Style Posts. Screw on cap, o-ring, spring, stem and body. Those are not interchangeable with standard lids. Ball Lock on Left, Pin Lock on Right. Depending on the size/type of kegerator you are using, this may be the deciding factor (it was for me). You can also use them to quickly carbonate homebrew and fine tune carbonation levels (maybe for competition entry). #6. Pin locks are wider and shorter compared with ball lock kegs. One style may work better for your setup. First, the “pin” part refers to the method of attaching the disconnects to the keg posts. If size and cost are not huge factors, consider Ball Lock kegs. I thought it might be time to get some more kegs, but I was wondering if you guys had an opinion on the different styles. Again, these are general statements, check with the keg’s manufacturer or distributor for specific keg lid dimensions and PRV functionality. There’s two connections on the corny keg gas one for gas or Nitro and one for beer and so instead of a coupler like this you use. Id been using pin lock for years, in fact I bought them from my LHBS before I even knew there was a difference. These may have different dimensions, but the same purpose. Jun 12, 2017 - Left [Brand New 5 Gallon Ball Lock from AIH - Review] | Right [Used 5 Gallon Pin Lock] Ball Lock Kegs vs Pin Lock Kegs - What's the Difference? They have a 9/16-18 thread on … I’m guessing these are where these tanks got their names. To use Homebrew Finds you must be 21 years or older. That is, if the pressure gets too high, both will automatically vent for safety reasons. Even if they are free of cracks, they will have a soda smell that won’t go away with cleaning. These can come in both 6 point and 12 point, compatible variations. First, It’s important to understand both do the same thing with slightly different and dimensions and features. The first thing you’ll notice is dimensions – Pin Lock Kegs wider than Ball Lock kegs. How about the many poppet seals, so hard to get the right ones. A couple thoughts – 1. Pin Lock Cornelius Kegs: Pin lock Cornelius kegs are also known as Coke kegs, because this style was used exclusively by the Coca Cola Company and use a pin-lock style disconnect to connect and disconnect to the liquid and gas lines. One is the pin lock style and the other is a ball lock style. O-Rings/gaskets are generally interchangeable between ball lock and pin lock style homebrew kegs. Ball-lock, pin-lock and sankey style kegs in 3 gallon, 5 gallon, 1/6 barrel and 1/2 barrel. Convert Firestone Pin Lock Kegs to Ball Lock in a snap. You may want to do that for the purpose of removing the keg lid or to vent excess pressure in an attempt to get down to a lower pressure. That small amount is the difference between the two o-rings. I chose ball lock over pin lock in the end because the pin locks kept popping off when jockeying my tapped kegs around, while the ball locks, once attached, stayed attached. I decided to get a bunch of ball lock kegs while they could still be had for a reasonable price and so I would be able to bulk age in kegs and still keep my keezer stocked. For a rundown of homebrew keg options and suppliers check out our Homebrew Keg Roundup. The difference is in manual PRV functionality. Notice the pull ring. Buy from a quality supplier that pressure tests kegs and guarantees kegs will hold pressure. 2. Pin Lock Post O-Ring on Left, Ball Lock Post O-Ring on Right, Standard pin locks and ball locks use identical dip tube o-rings and lid o-rings. Pin lock quick disconnects are necessary when you need to attach gas and beverage tubing to a homebrew keg with a pin lock, and at MoreBeer!, we have a solid selection where you can find exactly what you need. Ball Lock: There are two primary post sizes for standard ball lock kegs. I can only fit 2, no matter. Keg Connection has a nice diagram of parts and has all replacement parts available to order.If total height is a concern for your Pin Lock Kegs, a shorter profile QD is available. I recommend you change those liberally. This is a re-conditioned 5 Gallon Pin Lock, Soda Keg (Coke style). The official specs for this offering are 22-24″ tall and 9″ diameter.Ball Lock Style Lid. We’re recapping our Top Content from 2020 based on traffic. How Many Beers Does a Homebrew Keg Hold? All data and information provided on this site is for informational purposes only. There are several sizes of kegs available including 2.5, 3, 5, 10 and 15 gallons. Includes both IN (liquid) and OUT (gas) post, ( The gas in post has notches at the base of the post where the liquid posts are smooth), new universal poppet valves with new rubber seals on ends of valves. Not to say that 12 point don’t exist, I just don’t recall seeing any. – Fight the First Foamy Pint! Ive got 4 right now, but I use 2 to ferment and 2 to serve. //